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Doctor Who: The World Tour
U. S. Premiere Fan Screening Event
Ziegfeld Theater, New York, NY

What is the event?
BBC AMERICA presents the U.S. Premiere Fan Screening Event with special guests Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat, hosted by Chris Hardwick

When is the event and what time does it start?
August 14, 2014 at 7:30PM ET

Where is the event?
Ziegfeld Theater
141 West 54th Street
Between 6th and 7th Avenues
New York City

Ziegfeld Theater is a non-handicap/non-wheelchair accessible venue.
Concessions available with cash or credit card. 


How do I get to the Ziegfeld Theater?
Subway stops in the area include:
B, D, F, E Trains (7th Avenue and 53rd Street)
N, Q, R Trains  (57th Street and 7thAvenue)
F Train (6th Avenue and 57th Street)

Where can I buy tickets?
doctorwhonyc.eventbrite.com on Monday, August 11 at 12:00PM ET


How many tickets can I buy?
Each order is limited to a maximum purchase of TWO tickets


I had a problem with my ticket order — who do I contact?
Sorry to hear that!  We suggest you contact Eventbrite directly at https://www.eventbrite.com/contact-us


Do I need to print my tickets out?
Purchasers have the option to either print or download their ticket(s) to a mobile device.

 The physical ticket or barcode on a mobile device will be scanned upon entry.  One scan per barcode is permitted.


What time should I get to the Ziegfeld Theatre?
Doors open at 6:45PM ET and seating for ticket holders will be granted on a first come, first served basis.


Can I bring my cellphone? 
Cellphones are permitted, but may not be used while the screening and Q&A are taking place.

NOTE:  There is also no professional video, filming, photography or use of camera equipment, including cameras with a detachable zoom lens, recording equipment, or camera phones while the event is taking place. 

Please don’t be a SPOILER.
No photographs
No texting
No tweeting
No recording
At the event.
Be kind and don’t ruin the surprise for other Doctor Who fans!

What? No bags?!

That’s correct – gym bags, backpacks, and oversized packages are not permitted inside the venue.

Only carry what will fit within the confines of your seat.

No coat or bag check will be available.  

Please leave bags and other oversized packages at home, along with your:

Weapons, fireworks, arms, or contraband of any kind

Laser pointers or artificial noisemakers of any kind (with exception of your Sonic Screwdriver, of course!)

Outside food and beverage

Personal chairs or blankets 


Will I still be able to watch “Deep Breath” in the U.S. if I am unable to get tickets?

Of course – on BBC AMERICA! The new season of Doctor Who premieres Saturday, August 23, 8/7c only on BBC AMERICA. Check your local listings for channel information. 


Can my friends and I sit together?

If you and your friends arrive at the theater together and enter the TICKET HOLDERS LINE together, sure you can sit together!  Please be considerate of fellow fans and no line cutting please.


Can I bring chairs, blankets, etc for waiting in line?

No, for the safety of other guests, please leave your chairs and blankets at home, as they will not be permitted in line or in the venue.


Oversized personal belongings are not permitted inside the theater.  Only carry what will fit within the confines of your seat.  No coat or bag check will be available.


Are there concessions for purchase at Ziegfeld Theater?

Yes.  Concessions are available for purchase inside the venue with cash or credit card.

No outside food or beverage is allowed.  


What is not permitted inside the venue?

Weapons, fireworks, arms, or contraband of any kind

Props, laser pointers, or artificial noisemakers of any kind (with exception of your Sonic Screwdriver of course!)

Gym bags, backpacks, or oversized packages

Outside food or beverage 

Personal chairs or blankets

Oversized personal belongings are not permitted inside the theater. Only carry what will fit within the confines of your seat. No coat or bag check will be available.  


What is Ziegfeld Theater’s ADA Policy?

Ziegfeld Theater is a non-handicap/non-wheelchair accessible venue and ASL or subtitle services are unavailable.


Will there be Doctor Who merchandise available for purchase?

Yes, select Doctor Who merchandise will be available before and after the event for purchase with cash or credit card.

Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed in the venue.  Service dogs are permitted – please ask for a manager on your arrival.


What other SMALL PRINT should I be aware of?



By purchasing a ticket, you agree that BBC Worldwide Limited, its parent company, subsidiaries, and each of its respective licensees, assignees, and agents, shall have the unrestricted, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive, and royalty-free right and license to use the attendees image, likeness, name, voice, comments, or other proprietary or public rights in any broadcast, telecast, or photograph and / or audio sound recording taken in connection with the event, or other transmission, or reproduction in whole, or in part of the event(s), for all purposes, without compensation.


Is cosplay allowed?

Not only is cosplay allowed, it’s encouraged!  However, please refrain from bringing any props, aside from your Sonic Screwdriver.


What are some tips for celebrating before and after the screening?

Share your Doctor Who celebrations with fellow fans at the official hashtag #DWWorldTour.

Please adhere to the no spoilers policy!


Are you doing these screenings in other cities?

BBC AMERICA is celebrating the season premiere with midnight screenings on August 23 in 12 cities after the premiere on BBC AMERICA at 8pm ET.  The celebration continues nationwide on Monday, August 25 with theatrical screenings in over 550 markets. For more information on both theatrical event dates please visit:


For more information on both theatrical screening dates please visit http://www.fathomevents.com/event/doctor-who-season-premiere-midnight-showing or http://www.fathomevents.com/event/doctor-who-deep-breath-premiere.


Why is the tour only coming to NYC? / Why not Omaha/Topeka/My Hometown?

Unfortunately, the talented team who bring you Doctor Who will only be able to stop in the U.S. for a short time.  They are currently touring the globe as part of Doctor Who: The World Tour.  Info on the tour can be found at DoctorWho.TV. 



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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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Is this from a movie?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Love this movie